Saturday, February 28, 2015

FREE Recruiting Management System Which Looks Worthwhile

The system looks worth checking out and they seem to have all the basic tools you need to manage your recruitment cycle from start to finish.   Best of all it is FREE, forever, from what the website says and they offer webinars to help teach you how to use their program. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interesting and Somewhat Disturbing Stats - Engagement and Employee Commitment

Below are some numbers that i have seen tossed around by various surveys and employee engagement seems to be a never ending challenge for many.  It is impossible to please everyone and no matter what, will always have some employees who just do not want to put in the effort.  To help raise the level of employee commitment, which in turn will help increase engagement, they need to feel like their job matters and that they actually have an impact on the overall success of the 
company.  Employees also need to feel they have an equal chance at being considered for promotions and the ability to move up within the ranks if she or he has the motivation.

Research performed by the Corporation Leadership Council shows statistics in regards to how committed employees are to their jobs.  The more committed they are the longer and employee tends to stay and the harder they will work for you.  Below is what they had found:

Those employees, who were highly committed…try 57% harder, perform 20% better and 87% less likely to leave compared to those with low commitment.

Research by SHRM found the following statistics in regards to engagement:

17% actively disengaged (these employees tend to actively show their unhappiness and this in turn undermines what the organization is trying to accomplish)

54% are disengaged (basically sleepwalking through their work day; putting in the time and hours, but not the passion into their work)

29% are engaged (working with passion and feeling connected to the organization)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Evidence Teleworkers Can be a Plus to Your Business

In order to support Teleworkers/Telecommuters in your business, you have to have the right business model and a good system of checks and balances for it to work.  Allowing employees to telecommute or telework a couple days per week, for job functions that make sense, is a great start to feel out how well this flexible perk would work for your business.  Good policies would need to be put into place and the employee would should have the proper software and tools needed to do their job successfully such as: email (no brainer), Skype (if needed), collaboration software for working on projects, instant messaging/chat, social media, eFax, printer, Go to Meeting type of software, and more.

Teleworkers more productive when sick.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Workplace Bullying is a Prevalent and Serious Matter

Workplace bullying is a serious matter and unfortunately has now been deemed an epidemic in today's workplaces.  Some interesting and surprising statistics to some is that over 80% of the bullies tend to be woman, compared to just over 70% that are me; the most common target are women and the most common level of employee to be a bully is a supervisor, or manager, followed by one of your peers.

Would you know how to spot a bully in your workplace? There are many different types and some are not so easy to spot and may quietly go unnoticed for a very long time.  One of the scariest types are those that are intelligent, underhanded, manipulative and very dangerous, often have risen into top positions in the company. The main difference between bullying and harassment is that the bully's antics are very repetitive and often over a long period of time. The repercussions to this type of behavior can result in many serious affects to the targeted person such as: psychological, emotional, cause serious health problems, frequent absenteeism and in the most serious cases result in that employee committing suicide.  There are also financial affects to the organization, possibility of lawsuits, and their business reputation being ruined.

Some ideas to stop bullying?   Is to have a very detailed "no tolerance" policy and let employees know what will happen as well as who and how to report this type of behavior. In some cases the employee may just need training in the matter of proper workplace behavior and may not even realize that what they are doing is "bullying" or how it affects others around them.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Setting New Employees Up for Success

Great article with some helpful tips on starting your new employees off right.  How am employee news the on boarding process of your company and how comfortable they feel from the first day will usually determine if they will stay for any length of time.

Helping Employees Help Themselves

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Utilizing the E-Verify Process

Verifying if an new hire is authorized to work in the United States is much more simplified by using the E-Verify process. From the date of hire, the employer only has 3 days to process the I-9 and verify  right to work. Roughly, 20 states have made using E-Verify mandatory and most likely more will follow.  Washington State does not make using E-Verify mandatory as of yet, but I would recommend using this FREE online verification process. Using E-Verify will provide peace of mind and help you feel confident the employee you hired is authorized to work.

The verification process is automatic with this system and compares what you input from the I-9 into their database coming back with a message saying the employe is authorized to work. If the system comes back to say they are not authorized to work,and there is a mismatch of information then the E-Verify system will respond back with further instructions on what the employee will need to do to resolve the mismatch and next step in the process. The employee is still allowed to work, but only has 8 Federal working days to resolve the issue.

What is E-Verify?

Video On How to Enroll

Happy Employees Make for a Happy Company

We all know that employees are much more engaged at work if they are happy.  At the same token, it will be impossible to please everyone; in general if employees feel valued and appreciated, they will be much happier at work and want to perform to the best of their ability.  Article below has some great tips to consider if you are looking for ideas.

10 Ways Make Employees Happier