Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hiring New Employees for the Small Office

When hiring new employees for your small-office environment, keep a few of these items in mind….

Personality does matter
When working together in a smaller and tight knit office, employees need to be comfortable around each other and be able to get along well on a day-to-day basis.  You will greatly rely on each other to get the work done and need to know that each of you can be trusted to follow through.  Most small offices are very busy and no one wants to feel like there are personality clashes or someone is always picking up the slack.

Offer competitive total compensation packages
To attract top talent, you need to pay a good salary and offer the benefits employees will be expecting.  Today’s workforce is really expecting a lot out of their employers as well as flexible working arrangements.  When budgeting in salaries, keep these items in the back of your mind and it may mean you have to cut someplace else. 

Describe what a typical day will be in the office and offer the whole picture of what the new employee will be expected to do.
Consider using realistic percentages in your job descriptions of the amount of time for each area of responsibility.  You want to be sure you have the right fit for the position since turnover costs the company much more money in the long run.  Working in a small office may mean people are often performing multiple jobs, working in a fast environment and need to multi-task at a high level.  Not everyone is capable of handling that atmosphere and not everyone will want to. 

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