Friday, January 9, 2015

Low Cost Ideas for Recognition - Part 1 "Manager's Tool Kit"

Recognition is one of the key players to keep employees engaged and happy.  We all enjoy hearing that we have “done a great job” or just a simple “thanks” is all it takes to make employees feel valued.   When the days get crazy, it is hard to remember to just take a moment to recognize others for contributions to the company.

Recognition does not have to be expensive.  One inexpensive idea that I like to do is create what I call a Manager’s Toolkit.  This allows a supervisor or manager to  perform “on the spot” appreciation.  

Supplies needed or add your own creation:

Toolbox of sorts (I get a small bucket or plastic tub from the local Dollar Tree that has a handle on it)

Tokens of |Appreciation – can be ordered from Oriental Trading (bag of 144 pieces for $5.25)

Gold Chocolate Coins (can get at Winco in their bulk bin for a few dollars/pound)

Set of Thank You Cards – I buy the blank ones so the managers can write any personalized note they wish.  (Can get a small box of 50 for about $10-$15 at Office Depot)

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