Monday, January 19, 2015

Low Cost Ideas for Recognition - Part 2

Simple award certificates are always a great idea to recognize your employees for various accomplishments.  You can add a small gift card as an extra bonus, and set aside funds to do that on more of a quarterly basis, instead of monthly, to keep costs down.

Some certificate examples are:  Employee of the Quarter, Perfect Attendance, Going Above and Beyond, Best Idea Award, Key Contributor, Most Promising New Employee, Quarterly Safety Advocate, Amazing Team Award (for a group project that went well), etc.

Awards do not have to be costly and there are many more ideas you may not have thought of that cost nothing, or very little:

Front Row Designated Parking Spot  (great for Employee of the Quarter)
Movie Tickets
Free ½ Day Pass
Car Wash
Starbucks Coffee (get list of who likes what so you can surprise an unsuspecting employee for her service)
Extra long lunch
Office Trophy (to be passed around to the next recognized employee – be creative and can even be something that relates to your products or services)
Free lunch on the company

These are a few ideas to get started. Sometimes you just need to be creative or think outside the box.  Get employees involved and have them help come up with other suggestions as well. 


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